The benefits of Loggia

Style and Solidity in Equal Measure

Whatever your visual preferences, Loggia will more than measure up to your expectations. It combines elements of light and sky with the solidity of corner columns possessing real inner core strength, plus internal plastered walls and ceilings, to create a ‘real room’ feel. (Just like having a new extension, but at a fraction of the cost).

Its advanced roof and window glazing possesses excellent U-values, making it warmer and cosier in the winter (at typically half the cost of heating a conventional conservatory) and cooler in the summer, so you can use your Loggia all year round. Even the amount of light and sky you’ll enjoy is down to you – to create the room of your dreams, you can choose from floor to ceiling glazing panels, or windows combined with low walls.

You’ll also find that because of its ingenious construction, your Loggia can be built within a much shorter timeframe than you might expect, with no compromise on quality.

The Loggia Factory Engineered Column
  • By using only the finest quality materials on the internal specification, your Loggia will possess an inner strength and solidity which will last for years and years. Loggia full height columns – depending upon locality – feature additional steelwork and are anchored to the foundations for absolute structural integrity, making it more robust than a conventional conservatory
  • The columns offer the flexibility of various siting options, integrating glazing and plastering perfectly and creating a well – constructed extension that will add considerable value to your home
  • The Loggia columns are super – insulated with a core of Styropor carbon-enriched EPS, giving you exceptional insulation performance and strength
  • Loggia could also help you turn down the cost of winter heating. Heating costs in a conservatory can soon escalate, especially with underfloor heating. Loggia’s integrated electric panel radiant heaters fit seamlessly into the full height of the corner and each one provides more than half the heat you’ll need in winter, so you won’t be floored by a big heating bill
  • By using columns instead of awkward-to-build brick piers, site installation is vastly speeded up, saving a number of days in on-site build time
  • Because there is no requirement for Building Regulations, you’ll be enjoying your new Loggia lifestyle far sooner than you expect