Draught Proofing Windows and Doors

Draught Proofing Windows and Doors
Draught Proofing your doors and windows is a sure-fire way to make your home more energy efficient. Bringing in an expert is the best way to ensure a snug fit that doesn’t let cold air in, or warm air out. Here are the best methods.

Draught Proofing doors are relatively inexpensive and can make your home far cosier in the cold months. The four main points where draughts enter are:

Letterbox – This can be easily remedied with a brush opening. The postman might have to put in a little more effort, but it won’t do him any harm.
Bottom gap – Again, a brush will eliminate drafts.
Edges of the door frame – you can buy strips (wipers, brushes or foam) to fill in these gaps.
Keyhole – Don’t be fooled – these little blighters can let in sharp gusts of cold air on a bad day. Simply fit a latch cover that can be swung to the side when inserting a key.

Windows that are opened regularly require strips that fit around the frame. The two main types are metal/plastic that have brushes attached, and self-adhesive made of foam. These are less durable but far cheaper.

Windows that don’t open may be better served with sealant, though this can be tricky to install so professional advice is well worth the time and money.
If you need help with draught proofing your windows and doors, contact us for advice from experts across the UK